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PPSK-Kiosk solution explained

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Combine the power of ExtremeCloud IQ and iPad

You have already secured your company data by only allowing managed users or devices to access your company network.
The PPSK-Kiosk app gives you the added dimension of having control over the guest network.

Say hello to PPSK-Kiosk

The PPSK-Kiosk app allows for easy configuration and maintenance by administrators. 

– Made for Single App Mode
– Works with ExtremeCloud IQ (out of the box)
– VPP Support
– Settings changed via the iOS settings menu.
– Managed App Configuration (via MDM)

Let’s ask questions

Now with the new update, PPSK lets you ask questions to your visitors.

– First name
– Last name
– Organisation name
– Phone number
– Emailadres
– Purpose of visit

PPSK-Kiosk Equals Happy Guests

The PPSK-Kiosk is an iPad app. The app, linked with the ExtremeCloud IQ, ensures every guest can use your secure Wi-Fi connection. This means you don’t have to worry about visitors connecting safely and efficiently to your Access Points. It’s all done for you with the PPSK-Kiosk app. Guests can generate a unique Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) with the push of a button. Happy guests guaranteed!

Secure Wi-Fi access

Provide secure, public Wi-Fi, so your guests feel at home

Public Wi-Fi is essential. Everyone wants to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Visitors expect to be provided with a free, high-speed, and secure network. As a system administrator, your task is to secure your corporate network and provide your guests a secure internet connection. That’s what the PPSK-Kiosk is made for.

 Available on the App Store

Download the PPSK-Kiosk from the iOS App Store, or purchase via the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to distribute and configure the App with your MDM tool.

Integrate with ExtremeCloud IQ API

ExtremeCloud IQ is Extreme Networks next generation enterprise cloud-enabled network management solution. With the power of the Extreme Networks API and the Apple iPad we have created a powerful app that gives you control and creates a safe environment for your guests.

Design to manage with MDM

We help you to control multiple PPSK-kiosk app implementations. The PPSK-kiosk app is built from the ground up to be managed with a MDM tool. If you already have managed iPads in your organisation, you are good to go.

Simple Interaction Experience

Give your guests a simple but powerful experience. Combine the PPSK-kiosk app with a real iPad stand. With a beautifully designed print on the iPad stand, your guests can immediately find their way to your secure guest network.

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