Worldview for security by PPSK-Kiosk

Security & PPSK-Kiosk

We made the PPSK-Kiosk with security by design, that's why we handle the communication to ExtremeCloud IQ directly from the iPad. It never goes to our servers.

How we handle data

When you give every user a unique Wi-Fi passcode, no one should ever see this (except the guest). That's why we made the PPSK-Kiosk a native iPad application.

All communication between the PPSK-Kiosk & ExtremeCloud IQ is directly done on the iPad itself. We don't handle the PPSK generation process via our servers.

As a product mainly focused on the security of your guest Wi-Fi, we believe that this is the securest approach in the distribution of unique Wi-Fi passcodes using the PPSK (Private Pre-Shared Key) solution.

Based on the chosen questions to ask, the data (like first name, last name, company name, email, and/or phone number) is stored in your ExtremeCloud IQ. It's stored beside the create PPSK. This way, you can identifier the user.

Remote configuration

The only thing that happens on our servers is the configuration (for the flow and design) of your PPSK-Kiosk. You can configure most of the information in our Dashboard (like the design, the questions that will be asked, and some minor items), but all ExtremeCloud IQ configuration stays on the iPad.

But why is there a Dashboard for my PPSK-Kiosk? That's a great question, but the simple answer is that we want you to have the freedom to change some settings that don't have a connection with your ExtremeCloud IQ environment.

Sign up for the trial

Want to try out the PPSK-Kiosk? No problem, via our Dashboard, you get a free 14-day trial to try out the PPSK-Kiosk on your own device.